The Women Behind the Sip Better Wine Club

Photo: Left to right: Leslee, Addy, Emily
In honor of Women's History Month, we're highlighting the creative team at Sip Better, composed entirely of WOMEN.
First, a note from Leslee:
Meet the ladies of The Sip Better Wine Club's 'force'. 
When I think of the energy and the force it takes to run a small business, well...I'm already exhausted. But they say: if you surround yourself with positive, supportive + smart people, anything is possible. In reality, it makes EVERTHING possible.  
Enter Emily + Addy. Emily has literally been with my businesses, Amusée + Sip Better, for a decade (omg, that's half of Amusée's existence!!) and Addy—who's been with us for over a year + a half—in reality, it feels like we've known her forever.
Without this amazing dynamic duo full of creativity, energizing enthusiasm, jam-packed hilarity and brilliance, Sip Better would just not be the team we are today.
I raise my glass to these two beauties who keep me centered, focused, creative + best of all, keep me current. They remind me that I'm...

[FRIDAY FAVES] Dahlias, Korean Pancakes, and Badass Ladies in Wine

Photo: Northerly Flora

Goooooood morning! Head into your weekend with a few uplifting things we love right now. Enjoy!



- My friend, Molly, is an urban flower farmer. She sells bouquet subscriptions during the summer months and also peddles dahlia tubers that you can have shipped right to your door! Check her out at Northerly Flora. It's almost Spring!

- If you're feeling a little yucky about Russia right now, might I suggest watching The Great on Hulu? It's a hilarious, irreverant, and semi-historical series about Catherine (and Peter) The Great. "Huzzah!"

- I reaaaally want to try these sweet Korean pancakes.

- We'll be featuring amazing women in wine on our Instagram account all month, to celebrate Women's History Month. Check back each week! You will absolutely discover something new and inspiring each time.

- Leslee is all about the little happy dishes made here in Minneapolis by A Mano. Just look at these spoon rests!

That's all, folks!

—Emily Rentsch

[FRIDAY FAVES] Russian Champagne, Travel Plans, and Nostalgic Toys

Photo: RealKina via Unsplash

Hello, hello! Congrats on making it to another sunny weekend. Take a look at this list of things we're loving, and enjoy the day!



- The color blocking in this London home is to die for!

- Would you believe these pretty cutting boards are made from recycled plastic?! They could double as serving platters!

- You guys—Putin has declared that only Russian-made wine can be labeled "Champagne." What WILL he think of NEXT?!

- Celebrate women, travel, and wine (duh!) at Destination Rosé, a virtual event thrown by three female business owners (including our own, Leslee Miller)! Tickets are super affordable and you'll get the chance to taste some fantastic wines and win luxe prizes while soaking up expert international travel tips from Ready + Roam. Sign up here!

- Remember View-Master? Did you know you can create your own, with custom photo reels? How magical!

See you soon!

—Emily Rentsch

The Sip Better wine club is all about

  • Truly awesome wines.
    No re-packaged bulk juice here!
  • Introducing you to new wines,
    hand-picked by me, just for YOU
  • Supporting boutique,
    family-owned wineries
  • Fun & Education! You'll become an
    expert with our videos and tips