Horror Movie Wine Pairings for Halloween

'Tis the season to feel frightened!

One of our team's favorite movie genres is Horror, so October is practically like Christmas here at Sip Better. Below, we've paired wine to a few of our favorite horror films (though it was agony trying to choose just six!). Now grab your wine, some salty snacks, and settle in with someone who will squeeze your hand during the creepy parts.

Happy Halloween!

Scream + Clay Shannon Chardonnay

What's the '90s greatest contribution to pop culture? The Scream franchise, of course! Besides the teenage eye candy and delicious jump scares, we love that each film in the series gives dedicated space to POPCORN. In fact, if Drew Barrymore's character hadn't gotten that fateful phone call in the very first scene of the very first movie, she'd be kicking back with a perpetual bowl of buttery Jiffy Pop. Our favorite thing to drink with popcorn and a scary movie is this luscious Chardonnay laced with peach, pear, and notes of vanilla and crème brûlée.


[FRIDAY FAVES] Popcorn, Anti-Crypto Actors, and Mushroom Lamps

Photo: Melanie Stander via Unsplash

Welcome to Friday! I hope your week has been good and that your weekend is GREAT. Here's what we love on the internet right now!

FRIDAY FAVES - 3.11.22


- I'm SO intrigued by Opopop, which is "flavor wrapped" microwave popcorn. Excuse me?!

- Remember Ryan from the show The O.C.? The actor who played him—Ben McKenzie—has emerged as full-on anti-crypto currency evangelist. Fascinating.

- Girl Scout cookies + wine are a totally underrated pairing! Check out our blog post on the topic.

- I've always wanted one of these little mushroom lamps.

- Writer Doree Shafrir just started a newsletter geared toward moms who want to renew focus on their own lives (not just the lives of their kids). If you're a mother of young kids, especially, this is for you.

Thanks for reading!

—Emily Rentsch

[FRIDAY FAVES] Champagne Day, Stasher Bag Popcorn, and More!

Photo: Emily Rentsch

Happy Friday and Happy Champagne Day! What a beautiful coincidence, am I right? Check out this list of fun things on the internet and ways to celebrate bubbles today. Enjoy!

FRIDAY FAVES - 10.22.21


- Have you read our guide to sparkling wine, yet? If you've ever been confused about the difference between Champagne and Prosecco (um, who hasn't?!), this blog post is a handy tool.

- This might just be the best popcorn hack ever: DIY microwave popcorn in your Stasher bag! Try it yourself or pass the info on to your favorite college student.

- Super excited about this comedic disaster film, Don't Look Up. Meryl Streep, Leo, Jonah Hill AND Jennifer Lawrence?! Sounds like a blast.

- Carla Lalli Music's new cookbook That Sounds So Good totally lives up to its title. I recommend trying her 15-Minute Roasted Butternut Squash with Spicy Greens and Yogurt. It's a harvest explosion!

- Have you explored the Pop, Sparkle, Fizz! section of the Sip Better SHOP lately?

- This Instagram account will...

The Sip Better Gift Guide 2019

Photo: Superkitina

The holiday season can get a little hairy when you're worried about what to get alllll of those fine folks you love on your list! Let me help you cut through the clamor of consumerism--here are a few of my favorite things from 2019. Hopefully they inspire you to treat your favorite people (and wine lovers!) this Christmas and beyond!

AGATE CHEESE BOARD | Anthropologie

This pretty, sparkling serving board makes a stunning backdrop  to one of my personal favorite appetizers--cheese! And you know what plays well with cheese? Um, wine!


2020 PLANNER | Wit & Delight

I love a good notebook, and this sleek little planner has the bonus of helpful productivity and planning tools. Plus, Wit & Delight is a favorite blog and design house local to Minneapolis! 


Haus makes delicious European-style apertifs made from only the best ingredients, like California wine grapes and other natural goodies. This is the liqeur that's been missing from your bar! It's also a...

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