Horror Movie Wine Pairings for Halloween

'Tis the season to feel frightened!

One of our team's favorite movie genres is Horror, so October is practically like Christmas here at Sip Better. Below, we've paired wine to a few of our favorite horror films (though it was agony trying to choose just six!). Now grab your wine, some salty snacks, and settle in with someone who will squeeze your hand during the creepy parts.

Happy Halloween!

Scream + Clay Shannon Chardonnay

What's the '90s greatest contribution to pop culture? The Scream franchise, of course! Besides the teenage eye candy and delicious jump scares, we love that each film in the series gives dedicated space to POPCORN. In fact, if Drew Barrymore's character hadn't gotten that fateful phone call in the very first scene of the very first movie, she'd be kicking back with a perpetual bowl of buttery Jiffy Pop. Our favorite thing to drink with popcorn and a scary movie is this luscious Chardonnay laced with peach, pear, and notes of vanilla and crème brûlée.


We're One! Thank You for Supporting our Flagship Wine Shop

Our flagship wine shop in Minneapolis is one year old today!

We've come a long way from our IndieGoGo fundraiser in 2022 and we wanted to share a quick update on how The Sip Better Wine Club has grown:

— Club membership has grown by 25%
— Overall sales have grown by 30% 
— We have expanded our portfolio with 140 new wines
— We introduced our members to 30 new family owned international wineries
— We have hosted over 50 events + wine tastings in our private event space at Sip Better and inside of our shop with winemakers + wine representatives worldwide
— We have been introduced to countless new enthusiastic neighbors + friends -- thank you!!
As ever, we are so grateful to our club members, local patrons, and to our IndieGoGo fundraiser supporters for galvanizing the work we do. We are so happy to continue sharing healthy, international, family-owned wine growers with YOU!

Become A Better Taster // Cabernet Sauvignon

This is part of an ongoing series called Become A Better Taster! Each post will illustrate the essential aromas and tasting notes associated with a specific grape varietal. Use this post as a baseline when tasting your next Cabernet!


What do you smell and taste when you're swirling a dark red Cabernet Sauvignon in your glass? Not sure?

Below is a handy visual guide to the classic aromas and tasting notes you might find in any Cabernet Sauvignon. There will be differences and nuances in texture and flavor depending on the origin of the wine, how it was grown, fermented, and stored (more on that below).  Did you know, by the way, that Cabernet Saugivnon is a product of crossing two popular grapes: Cabernet Franc + Sauvignon Blanc?  Cabernet Sauvignon carries a touch of both grapes aromatically and on the palate - due to its parentage. 

Here are a few more basics to help you find your footing when exploring a new-to-you Cabernet. Clink, clink!


Old World...

Wine Wanderlust: A Pro's Tips + Tricks for Visiting Wine Country

Photo: Leslee Miller, César Fonseca, Walther Cardona Gabriela

Looking to take a break + embark on a journey through picturesque vineyards and sip exquisite wines amidst wine country?  This summer, a few from the Sip Better team took a whirlwind trip to the Finger Lakes wine region in upsate New York.  Not only are we sharing a treasure trove of tips for enjoying the FLX region via Leslee's Amusée blog (Finding the Finger Lakes), but share a few insider tips and tricks for an unforgettable experience as you explore the winemaking regions of the U.S. and beyond. 

Grab a glass and come along with us!




Research the region: Whether it be stateside or far away making sure that you've made plans for all the things you want to accomplish with wine and other leisure activities is important.  Often times, folks do not realize how far regions are from one another (IE: the Napa + Sonoma Valleys -- they are not as close as you think).  Plan for what makes the most sense for the amt. of time you have.  If you have 2-3...

Barbie Wine Pairings

It's t-minus two days until Barbie: The Movie premieres! Is it the best thing to happen to the year 2023? Our hopes are high and we're celebrating Barbie's big screen debut by pairing some perfect rosés to a few of the Barbie dolls we've loved. Enjoy! This Barbie is ready to party.

Malibu Barbie + Pomalo Rosé (Croatia)

Malibu Barbie's debut in the 1970s (pictured above) ushered in Barbie's iconic California cool girl look. And while there have been many iterations of this Malibu gal, you can bet she's always sunkissed and ready to surf until the sun goes down! The only thing missing is a tumbler of pink drink nestled in the sand next to her beach towel. 

Pomalo Rosé is pretty much summer in a glass, and it would be right at home with this Barbie's carefree attitude: The word pomalo loosely means something like "relax, no worries" in Croatian! On the nose, this wine is floral and laced with strawberry and raspberry notes, while the palate is vibrant and bright (like the sun! Ahem). 

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