Thanksgiving Day Wine Pairings for Anyone and Everyone

Photo: Taisiia Shestopol via Unsplash

On Thanksgiving Day, the only thing more stressful than getting a hot and scrumptious feast on the table is having enough delicious things for everyone to drink. 

Don't worry! You'll soon be the host(ess) with the mostest with this list of wines that truly run the gamut. From structured red wines to frothy pinks, our Thanksgiving Day wine pairings are meant for everyone and anyone. 

Explore the pairings below and be sure to head over to our Thanksgiving SHOP section if you can't find what you're looking for here. Clink, Clink!


from cheese boards to smoked chicken wings to crunchy crudité

Dopff & Irion Crémant d'Alsace Brut Rosé | Alsace, France
Pair with cheese boards, shrimp cocktail, raw veggies and fruit desserts

Landhaus Mayer Riesling | Niederösterreich, Austria
Pair with cheese boards, olives, fruit, roast turkey, fresh salads


whether its a warm brussels sprout salad or that jiggly can o' cranberry

J. Bouchon 'País Viejo' | Maule Valley, Chile
Pair with all...

FRIDAY FAVES // Pretty Parfaits, Crispy Zucchini, and Pumpkin Spice Strikes Again

Photo: Hannah Morgan via Unsplash

Hellooo, friend! Happy opening day of the Minnesota State Fair! Hope you're heading into a wine-derful (ha) weekend. Starting today, we'll be pairing each of our Friday faves with a wine that fits its vibe. A little avant garde? Absolutely. Please enjoy!

FRIDAY FAVES - 8.26.22


- Follow our somm, Leslee, here for all of her wine-related escapades at the Minnesota State Fair.
> DRINK THIS: Winehaven Winery Cranberry Wine

- Loving the scallop detail on this mirror.
> DRINK THIS: Il Mostro 'Terre di Chieti - Longana' Frizzante Rosato

- This crispy Zucchini Rice and Cheese Gratin should probably be in your late summer dinner rotation.
> DRINK THIS: Mr. Brightside Gamay Blanc

- Japanese style parfaits are popping up on dessert menus all over the place. And WOW, are they stunning! Check out this list of pretty parfaits in Tokyo.
> DRINK THIS: Elio Perrone 'Bigaro'

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Girl Scout Cookies + Wine

Photo: Emily Rentsch

You know that cold, gray period of time that drags on between Valentine's Day and summertime fun? That's Girl Scout cookie season! Cookies make a long winter much brighter, and if you add wine into the mix? Life is good.

We paired wine to five classic Girl Scout cookies, including their newest one, the Adventureful. Enjoy!

Lemonades + Foris Moscato

This delicately crunchy biscuit is frosted with the thinnest slip of zesty lemon glaze. So happy and bright! Pair it to Foris Moscato, a wickedly fresh and bright Oregon white with major key lime pie vibes. And it's only 7% alcohol!

Thin Mints + Clément et Florian Berthier Coteaux du Giennois

Ahh, Thin Mints! Is there anyone out there who doesn't crave this cookie?! Devour a sleeve of them with the Clément et Florian Berthier Coteaux du Giennois, an Old World Sauvignon Blanc with lovely acidity and notes of grapefruit, white pepper, and—of course—mint.

Adventurefuls + Patrick Bottex Bugey-Cerdon 'La Cueille'

The new Girl Scout cookie, the...

Wine + Holiday Cookies

Photo: Jennifer Pallian via Unsplash

It's baking season!

Whether you get down with a little sugar and flour in your own kitchen or opt to buy a smattering of holiday cookies from a local bake shop, we don't judge. But we do HIGHLY recommend you crack open a bottle of wine when you snuggle in with your dessert plate this winter.

Pairing wine to Christmas cookies and other festive treats is as easy as any other food and drink combination. Just remember that "like goes with like" (i.e. citrusy whites with lemon pound cake) and a good bottle of sparkling wine works beautifully with most decadent treats.

Below are a few of our favorite wine and cookie pairings to get you started. Happy Holidays and merry munching!



The Cookies
Gingerbread cut-outs, Pfeffernusse (German spice cookies), ginger snaps

The Wine
- Elena Walch Schiava: This light Italian red is laced with savory spice and a spot of pepper, making it the perfect compliment to warm-spiced cookies of all kinds

- Dr Konstantin Frank (Semi Dry)...

[FRIDAY FAVES] Bubbles, Slippers, and Wes Anderson

Photo: Emily Rentsch

It's Friday, kids! We've been savoring sweets and feeling our civic duty over here at Sip Better. Read on for more fun things!

FRIDAY FAVES - 10.23.20

- We plan on celebrating voting early by mail (and the near end of this dang election!) with a glass of bubbly. Now THAT is what I call civic duty! Need a bubbly recommendation? We've got loads!

- Just got my copy of Dessert Person (pictured above) by Claire Saffitz, and boy does it shine! I spent last night flipping through it with a glass of Alvaro Palacios 'Camins del Priorat' and now I can't wait to make everything inside its pretty pages.

- Anne Hathaway stars in a lush and looney remake of "The Witches" (now streaming on HBO Max) and we are all in!

- Accidentally Wes Anderson (an Instagram account and book) is pure whimsy! Check it out when you're feeling blah.

- What if you were accidentally served a $2,000 bottle of wine?!

- I've been on a years long hunt for the best slippers and I think I've finally found them: Glerups! These...

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