[FRIDAY FAVES] The Best Apple Cake and a Cure for the Hiccups

Photo: David Wirzba via Unsplash

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FRIDAY FAVES - 10.15.21


- This is THE best apple cake I've found yet. It's the perfect marriage of crumbly coffee cake and tart apple dessert. 

- Loving this critique of the Great British Baking Show, by Vanity Fair.

- Have you checked out our blog post on pairing wine to mushrooms?!

- Bookmark this list of bartenders' tricks for curing the hiccups!

- Get lost in this list of gorgeous trees around the world.

Have a lovely weekend!

—Emily Rentsch

Stranger Wines For Halloween

Photo: Netflix

October is the perfect time to binge watch (again) season three of Netflix’s Stranger Things. I mean, what could be more Halloween-adjacent than a little weird and retro romp through Demagorgon-infested Hawkins, Indiana? Exactly.

Season three of Stranger Things brings the advent of The Mall, that glorious beacon of the 1980s. It’s new, it’s flashy, it’s...strange! Everyone in Hawkins loves it and the Starcourt Mall is really the center of some of the juiciest, most climactic moments in the season.

In the final scenes of the season, the Stranger Things gang splits up into smaller groups to more effectively kick the Mind Flayer's butt. Each group gets a code name to communicate with the others over walkie talkie: The Griswold Family, The Scoops Troop, and Bald Eagle (of course!). So, in the spirit of trying new and strange things, I’m recommending a super off-the-beaten-path wine to pair with each of the Stranger Things factions that face the Mind Flayer in this spooky and totally rad...

We've got Tacos!

Photo: Amusée

Yes, I know -- we talked a lot about wine + tacos last week! But hey, can you blame us?

Just in case you missed our giant TACO + WINE pairing fiesta -- here are a few spots for you to head to for some of Leslee's favorite pairings throughout the week of Cinco de Mayo. I mean, just because the 5th of May is behind us, doesn't mean you can't throw your own wine + taco party next week, am I right?

Here are a few of the hi-lights...

The week of Cinco de Mayo, Leslee showcased her favorite (Sip Better) wines paired to her friend, Tyge Nelson's restaurants, Pajarito and his delicious handmade tacos on The Jason Show with Jason Matheson -- HERE!

And, the night before Cinco de Mayo, we threw a Wine + Taco Pairing party on FB Live with our friends from Ready + Roam. The LIVE experience showcased talk of pairings, to savvy SANGRIA recipes, to low cal wine and more! Grab a glass, fire up the IPad and sit back, relax and enjoy this one! It's loaded with a slew of tasty info for your summer parties....

The Sip Better wine club is all about

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