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A Bit About Sip Better

Company overview

Sip Better is a national wine club devoted to delivering high quality, family-owned winery grown wines, hand-selected specifically for your palate by our sommelier & co-founder, Leslee Miller.

Our mission

Our mission is to bring you a deeper understanding of your palate by delivering a distinct set of boutique international wines that are specifically selected for you. With the feedback that you supply Leslee, each shipment is designed to connect you to the attributes that you love about wine, allowing you to explore the world of wine via new wine-growing regions, new producers and new grapes. Sip Better is meant for those looking to explore and expand their wine palate. We are a wine club dedicated to bringing you high value wines that are made by real people from real vineyards across the globe.

Why Sip Better is different than other wine clubs

Sip Better is based on YOUR individual wine palate! Because Sip Better’s sommelier, Leslee, hand selects your next wine shipment based on how you rate the wine, each new shipment is based on YOUR individual palate. We don't use a generic form like ‘do you like milk or dark chocolate’ or ‘cream in your coffee’ to determine the wines you are going to like. Leslee will select wines based on what you taste and like with each shipment. Sip Better is a wine club based on wines selected for you, not wines so esoteric only a sommelier will love, but wines that new wine drinkers and wine enthusiasts alike will love. We are not a ‘bulk juice’ or ‘repackaged’ style of wine club. Sip Better is a wine club devoted to bringing you real wines made by real international winemaking families.

How it works

Start first by selecting a tasting kit from our site! Pick from one of the four categories that best suits your palate. Once your wines arrive, log onto our site and rate the wines from the shipment. Next, Leslee will hand select three new wines based on the physiological characteristics of the wines you've rated highly, and ship a new set of wines for you to explore every other month. Wine club shipments are billed and delivered on the odd months in the calendar year; bottles range in price between $11.99 and $34.99 each. Not only will you have the opportunity to purchase more of the wines you’ve loved in the past through your personal online Sip Better wine journal, but you’ll have the option of doubling up on your bi-monthly order via special promotions. On the even months of the calendar year, Leslee will share ‘what she’s drinking’ as a way to broaden your horizons even further, sharing a variety of fun esoteric international wines of all pricepoints.

Sip Better is the first virtual wine club in the U.S. allowing you to experience each of the wines you enjoy via an individualized video for each wine with Leslee, tasting notes and history direct from the winery, coupled with accurate tasting temperatures, pairings tips, glassware tips and educational videos created by Leslee herself. A unique experience designed to allow you to be interactive with each new shipment!

About Leslee

At truth, Leslee is a true Midwestern gal with a deep, connective passion to wine. A Wisconsin tavern owner’s daughter turned sommelier, by way of fine dining management, west coast winery management through to the creation of her first company, Amusée, Leslee’s roots to the world of wine run deeply and connectively.

Leslee Miller is a dually certified sommelier through the International Sommelier Guild and the Court of Master Sommeliers. She is the sole owner of wine consulting firm founded in 2004, Amusée, based in Minneapolis, Minnesota. As the daughter of a Wisconsin restaurateur and a veteran of hospitality management, Leslee’s energy and passion for the industry is contagious.

She is the former director of one of Oregon’s most prestigious Pinot Noir houses, Archery Summit of the Willamette Valley. Leslee also served as a member of the board of directors for Archery Summit’s sister property, Pine Ridge Winery of Napa, California for a number of years before returning to her Midwestern roots in 2004 to start her consulting company.

With her love for traditionalist views and an eye toward the most current trends, Leslee’s focus in the wine industry has always been: education, community, farming, wine-growing families and experience. Currently, her work takes many forms: consulting and staff training in restaurants and retail stores, spokesperson for ALDI markets, private event planning, personal wine buying, cooking classes, wine education classes and more!

Most importantly, one of Leslee’s primary goals is to educate wine lovers of all levels by giving them unique and radically fun insight into the everyday, international, value-driven market of wine. Her greatest accomplishment has always been to make wine accessible. To just about anyone! Armed with knowledge and enthusiasm, Leslee gives each new setting that spark, that levity, that eye-opening moment that makes wherever — and whatever — you're drinking fun.

Leslee’s favorite pairing should give you some insight as to who she truly is at heart: Champagne & chicken wings!


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